Early 1950s: Obstetrics became a large part of the practice

Obstetrics became a large part of the practice during the late 40’s and early 50’s, the era of the “Baby Boom”. During that period, it was usual for the three doctors to deliver 250 babies per year. Dr Arthur who had an interest and special skills in Obstetrics, delivered the most maternities. Dr Lovegrove was more inclined to the medical side, whereas Dr Smith was interested in surgical, so they had a pleasant collaboration. The doctors worked 60 hours a week and all had young families, devoted and helpful wives and some time for relaxation.

In 1950, they hired a full-time Laboratory Technician and although space was very restricted, they found the Technician a great aid both for the doctors and for patients, as the closest lab was in central Vancouver or one of the hospitals.