Pulmonologists Comparing X Rays

Our Medical Services

The staff physicians at Norburn Medical offer a broad range of medical services for you and your family. We provide medical care right from infancy throughout the entire lifecycle.

While each physician will have their particular areas of interest and expertise, our range includes:

Medical Laboratory and Pharmacy Services

Our clinic is supported by an independent laboratory and pharmacy services within the building. Outpatient radiology services are nearby.

Specialist Referral Services

Our physicians can help you select and direct you toward appropriate specialist services within British Columbia. While we have a strong and historical connection with Burnaby hospital, we can access services for you at any hospital or specialty clinic in the Lower Mainland.

Preventative Medicine and Primary Care

Perhaps most importantly, our physicians are experts in preventative medicine and primary care; therefore, we welcome your questions regarding nutrition, exercise and the latest in preventative medicine. If we don’t have an answer directly, we can certainly help you find it.

Ultimately, leading a healthy life is largely up to you: we can utilize our expertise to help you in that pursuit!