Doctors of the 1960s

During the period between 1960 and 1965 there were a number of short-term doctors who would assist in the practice. Some trying out group practice, some earning a few bucks preparatory before going into post graduate studies. Some of these were Dr Clayt Davis, who became an Ophthalmologist in Ontario, Dr Paul Van Uchelen who left to practice in the US and Dr Bob Thompson who qualified in Plastic Surgery and had a very successful Vancouver practice in the specialty.

Dr R.C. Jones certified in the specialty of General Surgery, joined the group in April of 1964 and thereafter shared surgical duties with Dr Smith. He practiced at Medical Associates for 25 years when in 1992 he semi-retired to Halfmoon Bay, where he continued to assist in surgeries before fully retiring in 1996.

Dr Jack Fitton started practice at 4027 in August 1965. He had extra training in General Medicine at Flint, Michigan and quickly became a valued member of the group. He remained until August 1991. He carried a large and dedicated patient load.

Dr T. S. Hourigan joined Medical Associates in July 1968 and added a new dimension with his expertise in Allergy Testing and Treatment. Dr Hourigan shared with Dr Lovegrove the office interpretation of ECG’s a valued feature, along with his interest in Internal Medicine. Dr Hourigan retired in 2000 to move to Halfmoon Bay.