1951: The Classic Medical Associates Building

In 1951 Medical Associates purchased a lot on Hastings Street, now 4027 East Hastings. They planned and built the first part of the building on a 33-foot lot.  There were two stories front and back, with a clerestory in-between (a high section of wall that contains windows above eye level. The purpose is to admit light, fresh air, or both).

Over the years, the founding Physicians would take courses to learn new technical skills and better help patients. In 1951, Dr Smith decided to attempt to complete his surgical specialty toward which he had already had two years (1938-1940), prior to enlisting in Royal College. He passed the certificate examination in 1953 and thereby became the first specialist in Burnaby. During this time away, Dr Carmen Johnson took over his practice and remained with the group for 5 years.